X's & Joes

X's and Joe's is a podcast that lets you eavesdrop on an ongoing, 25-year conversation between two friends and Indiana University grads who have an unusual passion for exploring the formula for winning in today’s modern college basketball.

Hosted by Bob Moats (cbobmoats) and Mike Wiemuth (iu-in-philly), this show examines trends in recruiting, metrics, strategy, and coaching -- with an emphasis on debunking myths and challenging popular assumptions.

And while Bob and Mike's rooting interests may lie with the Hoosiers, this show takes an expansive view of the college basketball landscape beyond just Bloomington.

In other words, it's a show for ALL serious college hoops fans who truly appreciate the nuances of the sport.

About the Hosts

Mike Wiemuth

Born: Terre Haute Indiana Grew up IU fan in a family with all IU and Indiana St grads. First basketball memories were of Larry Bird playing for ISU at the Hulman Center in Terre Haute when I was 3 or 4. Ironically my family attended the 1976 Final 4 in Philadelphia just 6 months after my birth.

Attended: IU-B 1994-1999. Was highly active in politics, where I met one Charles Robert (Bob) Moats of Columbus, Indiana. He was President of the IU Student Government Congress, while I co-founded a political party dedicated to the termination of that same student government just 2 years later.

Moved: To Philadelphia in 2001. MBA from Temple in 2009. Became Phillies and Flyers fan, but still have the Colts and Pacers as #1 vs 1A for Eagles and 76ers.

Worked: In Corporate and non-profit HR as a managing director in several organizations. Spent the last 26 years studying and analyzing hidden trends in college basketball recruiting, metrics and strategy.

Currently: Live with my wife and son in the Philly suburbs right next to Valley Forge National Park. Remain in regular contact Bob Moats….discussing basketball, world history, foreign policy, cigars, his odd tastes in music and our mutual regard for old movies that nobody watches anymore.

Bob Moats

Born six days after the 1975 Elite Eight loss to UK, grew up in Columbus, IN. His first real basketball memories were of his parents dancing around the house when their beloved Indiana State Sycamores, led by Larry Bird, had their magical season right before he turned 4. Soon after, watching IU Bball promos during Cowboy Bob and Janie commercial breaks, he realized there was much more to this college basketball scene. He started his love affair with IU and understood that all life stopped when Martha the Mop Lady belted out the IU Fight Song.

He came to campus in Fall of 1993, on the heels of Calbert Cheany and Greg Graham, and attended his first basketball game in AH vs Notre Dame in an infamous game. Elected Student Body President in 1996 where he also served on Athletics Committee for the 96-97 School Year, he began his friendship with Mike and the marathon conversations evolved into this.

After returning home and holding jobs in NFPs, private sector and now education, he also embarked on coaching basketball at the youth level. Spending the bulk of that time at Parkside Elementary as well as coaching several travel ball teams, most recently with the Columbus Revolution Program.